Product/market fit tests are created to identify how useful your product is and how your niche reacts to your presence. If the product/market fit is too low you will not see the desired growth, and your product value will be always questionable.

What is the perfect product/market fit? Well, correct answer is 100%, but there is an optimal value of 40% which is the proof-of-concept for your product and also proof of value. Long story short, 4 of your 10 users should be extremely satisfied with the product you offer. More than that, they should see you as the number 1 in their list of alternative products.

Here’s the simple test. As simple as it could be:

  1. Contact 10-20-30 active users.
  2. Ask them how they would feel if they could no longer use your product: Very Disappointed, Somewhat Disappointed, Not Disappointed At All.
  3. You have to achieve at least 40%+ of users saying they would be Very Disappointed.
  4. If you achieve less than 35-40% then you have to pay attention to the product and value it provides users with.
  5. If you achieve 40% and more then you are ready to grow your user base and it will definitely pay off.
  6. Do not forget to thank users for participating with some exciting bonus of special offer, and make them even more loyal and converting!

Hope you test this as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are so many projects and businesses that are focused on user acquisition first, rather than product and value.