Let more people read the content, discover your company and proceed to your website!

Promo package costs $100 (one-time fee) and includes the following:

  • All the budget ($100) is spent to acquire traffic from Google Display Ads to the interview.
  • 2-3 active do-follow links or 1-2 links plus a CTA button leading to your website
  • Distribution to the community of 6000+ people (email list / push notifications / private LinkedIn network)

All the budget is spent to drive traffic to the interview – Startup Radius doesn’t keep a single penny and earns nothing. Fair game!

Such promotion also helps to rank the interview higher in search engines that results into evergreen traffic.

You can order the promo package via PayPal by clicking the button below:

Please contact paul@startupradius.com in case of any questions or to negotiate any details.