Nowadays no sales specialist or a sales team can run successful prospecting campaigns without a well-formed lead sourcing process. Lead sourcing, as an easier alternative of lead generation (which is definitely a job for marketers, huh), is the cornerstone of most sales processes. Without it no sales team or a single sales guy can start making any sales.

Let’s start with a definition – what is a lead sourcing?

It is a process of finding and collecting potential leads. These two steps – finding and collecting – are the basic ones. To improve the lead sourcing process, potential leads should be also scored and verified. This means you should analyze any potential lead found, and verify its information (valid email address, valid phone number, etc.).

As you can see lead sourcing process consists of 4 main steps:

  1. Finding – you actually search for a source of potential leads
  2. Collecting – we can call it lead extraction or lead crawling
  3. Scoring – it’s a step where you analyze the relevance and quality of leads
  4. Verification – making sure the information you extracted and scored is valid

How people did it years ago?

The very classical lead sourcing is as simple as it can be. Usually sales specialists just went to such platforms as YellowPages, Dmoz, Yelp, or any other niche categories or listing websites. The main goal was just to find the place where you can find contact information of as many businesses as possible. Most of the directories and catalogs have email addresses and phone numbers that are available for everyone. It makes it easy to collect them – either manually or with the help of any primitive software or script that extracts email addresses and phone numbers from the text.

As you can see, it’s so simple, but not that effective. The are few reasons, here they are:

  1. All these catalogs and directories are already extracted by so many sales and marketing guys. You can imagine how spammed these contacts are – they receive tons of emails daily.
  2. Such catalogs may contain spam traps – emails that marks you as a spammer if you send a mailing to it. If you use an old-school email extraction software you definitely take risks.
  3. The lack of information – usually only business names, common email addresses and phone numbers are available (physical address is not that interesting for digital guys). This means you cannot reach the exact person, but just a common info/admin/office email.

Though it’s an outdated lead sourcing method, and it’s not that effective, there are still a lot of businesses that stick to this technique. It takes way more time and efforts to get decent results when using such lead extraction methods. If this doesn’t sound convincing, just remember that spam is not the very best idea and mass mailings to extracted databases that are available publicly is 100% spam.

How lead sourcing evolved and what it looks like now?

Modern lead sourcing is way smarter and sophisticated. If you ask me to describe it in one sentence, I would say the following – modern lead sourcing is the process of finding the valid contact information, along with additional information, of the right person in the right company. As you can see it still contains contact information + valid information, so what changed?

lead sourcing from LInkedin

The personalization is the answer. You should reach the right person, preferably a decision maker. Plus you should find all the additional information – so called lead enrichment. This means that you need to find and extract the information that adds more value to the contact – person’s name, cell phone number, position, social profiles and more. When you have all this your communication with this lead becomes easier, more private, and deal can be closed way faster.

You don’t need to send tons of emails to get few replies anymore, it takes a short list of such personalized and enriched leads to get the same amount of replies, or even more.

Let’s summarise the basics of smart and modern lead generation:

  1. Personalization – reaching the right person in the right company
  2. Data enrichment – adding more valuable information that just a name and contact details
  3. Smart campaigns – sending highly personalized and highly targeted emails that converts

What is and why it is becoming a leader in the market? is the outbound research tool that allows users to find the right people faster. It searches for the potential leads way smarter than other tools and service, because of data enrichment, email contact verification and extracting more valuable information in addition to classical contact details. lead sourcing features searches for the leads within 3 main channels:

  1. Domain Search – users get access to emails along with names and even job positions from various domains. The tool allows users to extract potential leads by just visiting the websites you are interested in. It’s good to use such contacts to get connected and develop the communication.
  2. Linkedin Email Search  – the killer feature of tool. Have you ever wanted to get contact information of people you found through Linkedin Search? Now it’s possible, and it doesn’t take much efforts when using plugin. Users can run an ordinary search on Linkedin and then extract all the potential leads from the search results. For most of the leads the email address and more valuable data (such as position, company, phone, and more) is available. This way you build a list of potential leads with all the contact details and additional information faster than you can image.
  3. Company Profiles – this tool allows users to enter Country, Industry, City and Company Size and get the list of all companies within the targeted search. When search is completed user can access the contact information of various persons in any company on the list.

As shown above, makes the lead sourcing process smart and effective. You don’t have to rely on public sources and extract the only available leads, you define the search and make information available through now! Long story short – you create the rules for your lead generation game now. Isn’t it beautiful?

I mentioned that is becoming one of the leaders in the market if not the leader already. Such companies as Lego, Soundcloud, Uber, Oracle, Ubisoft and Lenovo use tools on a daily basis.

Who is lead sourcing tool for?

I would say Sales specialists, Marketing managers and Recruiters are the ones that benefit from the most. Sales guys now can build their own lists of potential leads faster than ever, Marketing managers can build lists for remarketing campaigns and look-alike audiences, and Recruiters can boost their LinkedIn search by getting the contact information they need so much.

Besides these three types of users, we can honestly say that is great for everyone that needs to build an email list fast, or find the contact information of almost any person in the world.

Why is worth checking out now? has announced the ICO (initial coin offering) as the first decentralized lead generation service.

Decentralized lead generation means that contributors will add lead information from various sources, as well as enrich all existing leads in the system, and actualize old ones. Decentralization in lead sourcing means the highest lead quality possible. will use crowdsourcing data collection to grow its databases. This mechanism of data collection puts one step ahead of other lead sourcing tools and services who rely on classical data collection models. now implements blockchain and smart-contract technologies on the platform and introduces the smart-reward system to incentivise contributors to constantly renew and update the lead sourcing databases.

Investors, contributors and regular users benefit a lot from these new technologies. Investors are investing in a new, already working, successful and growing project. Contributors get access to a new revenue stream. Users get access to always-updated databases and new lead sources.


We all hope that the era of old-style lead sourcing is moving to its end, thus dramatically decreasing the amount of spam in our inboxes. While back-in-the-days lead generation methods become less and less effective, the new smart lead sourcing and lead information enrichment platforms are getting more and more attention from the biggest companies and brightest sales minds.

Highly targeted, personalized and account-based campaigns is the future of sales, HR and marketing processes, and such campaigns brings the best results now. Stay smart, stay targeted!