Hey guys, hope you are doing great and enjoying your lazy past-holiday days!

Today I want to share some awesome news about the Snovio Coin (SNOV) that grew from $0.01 to $0.20 in less than one month. How awesome is that?! What’s more amazing is that Snovio’s ICO ended just a month ago, on 30th of November.

We featured Snovio on StartupRadius few times last year, and I’m glad to say we are proud to deliver good news! See the article about the product here, and the one about the ICO here.

SNOV coin - Snovio token

As you can witness now SNOV is traded actively on 3 exchanges, which are the following:

  • Kucoin (added just few days ago)
  • Tidex
  • EtherDelta

SNOV coin exchanges - trade SNOVIO token

To remind you what is Snovio I would like to bring you some facts about both the product and the SNOV coin:

  1. Snovio is a lead-generation tool/platform for marketers, sales specialists, HRs and more.
  2. Snovio team had a working and revenue-generating product before they started the ICO.
  3. Snovio is a self-funded company, with a positively growing revenue.
  4. Snovio has gained such clients as Uber, SoundCloud, Oracle, Lenovo, Ubisoft, Lego, UC San Diego, La Poste, NYU and more.
  5. Snovio is not trying to reinvent the wheel, which means that the path to success is clear.
  6. Email marketing has a market of around $10 billion, and lead generation niche has a market of around $30 billion.
  7. SNOV coin went to 3 exchanges in just 1 month, and grew from 5 cents to 20 cents in less than a week.