Snip is a decentralized, user-generated news platform where anyone can write a news story (“snip”) about a topic of their choice, and read news on the issues they care about. The platform has no editor deciding what’s fit to print and the decision which content to view is made personally, by community users.

ATTN: The Snip crowdsale ends really soon! To join the tokensale visit the official website, or download the whitepaper to learn more.

Snip’s goal is to become the place where people go to learn and stay updated on any subject – politics, tech, sports, art, philosophy, etc. The stories are presented to readers in an algorithmic feed, tailored to each user’s interests using open-source algorithms. People are busy and prefer to read concise content, so the platform will be oriented towards short content. Writers will be able to post content of any length.

The platform is powered by the community, with members writing stories, voting on the best stories, engaging in discussions, and rewarding contributors with tokens. The important role of community feedback gives writers an incentive to create high-quality content. The voting mechanism also assists in personalizing content for users, creating a feed which is truly valuable and interesting.

By harnessing the power of the community, Snip aims to become the top news destination on every subject. Importantly, the product will be accessible to anyone, and will not require an understanding of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The Snip platform will feature a new Ethereum-based (ERC20) token named SnipCoin, which is used to buy products on the Snip network and to reward content contributors.