Galactikka is a new social network which helps the authors to promote and easily monetize their content free of charge. The readers can easily acquire quality  authentic content and contact with like-minded people.


Telegram: @ico_galactikka
Whitepaper: Read

Token: GALA (1 GALA = 0.40$,  10% discount active until 15 January)
HardCap: 67 Million USD
Total Token Supply: 4 December 2017 – 14 January 2018
ICO Date: 15 January 2018 – March 2018

Galactikka social network interfaceThe website provides many ways to create content and promote it, for example, the community, blogs and Q&A platform, the placement of photo and video materials, auto-promotion, and at the same time provides convenient and effective content search for readers (news flow, “it’s the game”, “surfing”, design tuning, search by interests), as well as support mechanisms for authors (even anonymously).

In addition, project provides the creator of the content AIO solutions for monetization:

  • Participation to free cash lotteries
  • Gaining profit from your subscriber’s wins
  • Support of author’s posts by other users
  • Direct donations from the users
  • Native advertisement

It is expected that with the active use of a platform with more than 50 million users (for comparison, Facebook now has more than 2 billion active users), the average author will be able to receive up to $ 9,000 per year, and the most active and popular ones up to $ 70,000.

Galactikka - how users and authors earn money

The platform offers users options for both free promotion (random search, general rating feed with categories, interest-based recommendations, search and reposts), and paid by GALA tokens, through internal advertising on the site. 1 GALA token is 2500 views of your advertising post (which is a legitimate post in the feed). The post is targeted by location, interests, gender and age.

The project was launched on January 29, 2014 under the name SURFORY, in 2016 a rebranding of the project occurred, the site completely changed the design and turned into a Galactikka, by that time users received more than 15.000$. At the moment, the number of testers has exceeded 150,000 people from 50 countries.

Galactikka social network - user feedback

The project directly competes with the well-known Facebook, as well as blockchain networks Steemit and Golos. However, it has more possibilities. The funds raised during the ICO will be spent on project promotion, server scaling, API and mobile application development, upgrading existing site features and development of planned site features.

Galactikka project’s goal is to provide an opportunity for its users,  especially amateur authors, to show their artworks to the  most of interested audience and gain profit from their talents.

Galactikka social network - art works and talents

The team has developed a detailed roadmap until the middle of 2019, which you can see on the website (see the link at the top of the article), a more detailed description of the project development plan can be read in whitepaper (link in the beginning of the article). The social network itself is in working condition for a long time, you can see it and get acquainted with the available functionality by registering on the site. It is quite rare to find an ICO project with a smooth working product, as in this case.