Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are the future. However, most organizations who do sell tokens in
exchange for funds often only have a well-written whitepaper and a flashy website to show
before investors start sending over their hard-earned money. The results can be catastrophic.

The fact that ICOs are largely unregulated, and that some projects raise millions on little more
than a good idea, led various organizations to warn against ICOs.

You should only invest in an ICO project if you are an experienced investor, confident
in the quality of the ICO project itself (e.g. business plan, technology, people involved)
and prepared to lose your entire stake.” The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) stated.

Unlike most companies raising funds through ICOs, that lead to warnings from the FCA and
other organizations, 1World Online, a leading blockchain powered engagement and revenue
platform for publishers and brands, already has a working product and is a successful company
that, in the past, has raised $8.9 million over 5 rounds, an impressive feat given that most
startups barely get past the first funding round.

ATTN: 1World Online started its public pre-sale for its ICO on September 7, which will continue until
October 6. The regular ICO will continue until November 6. To know more, visit 1World Online’s ICO page, and follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A platform with an already working product

Founded in 2011, 1World Online is currently one of the most widely recognized engagement
and revenue platforms for publishers and brands, as it hosts up to 1.5 million monthly
participants, totaling over 12 million users that lead to over 47 million votes, and counting.
Well-known websites, including The Huffington Post and Reuters, are among some of those
that use the 1World Platform.

1world online - revenue, advertising and branding platform

Given its experience and success, 1World Online understands consumer demands for its 1WO
tokens, as a way to increase online engagement with the power of blockchain technology.

Alex Fedosseev, the company’s founder and CEO, stated that the company is thrilled to announce its tokens and pending ICO, and added: “Our customers, publishers, services and brands will both immediately and overwhelming witness an uptick in interactivity of their already successful 1World campaigns. We’re providing a truly win-win- win model between users, publishers and services offered to them. There will be no more conflict between positive, interactive user experiences and monetization via ads and other services on websites.

The 1WO token

The 1WO token is essentially a cryptocurrency meant to circulate inside 1World Online’s
ecosystem. Users will be rewarded for their participation within the platform, which can then
be exchanged for various perks, such as subscriptions or packaged goods. To conveniently
allow users to exchange these tokens to fiat and other cryptocurrencies, various options are
going to be supported.

1WO token distribution

Essentially, the 1WO token gives users the option to see ads on a website and get rewarded for
it, or opt-out and use tokens to unlock quality content. Up to 50 million tokens are being
offered at the price of $1.10 as of October 24 th . To get a 10% discount apply a ‘1WORLD’
promocode to your purchase.