What makes Requitix Reviews “Trusted” – Why are they different, and more importantly, Better? These are the points and questions we will discuss here.

First and foremost – Requitix reviews are proven and 100% authentic, as they are recorded on the blockchain. A consumer and merchant cannot post a Requitix review, without first completing a transaction on the Requitix system – period. This is a solid and absolutely proven, authenticated process on a decentralized review mechanism, that forms a key component of the Requitix Confidence System.

Second, and equally compelling point – Requitix has no paid-promotion or fee based (pay-to-play) “reviews” programs on the Requitix system. The only way to post a review of a merchant, product or service, is to be an actual authentic customer, that has completed a real transaction with that Merchant. Similarly, Merchants can only post a review about a customer that has actually transacted business with them, and completed a purchase using Requitix.

There are many websites out there, allowing anyone and everyone to post any false garbage they want, about any person, product or merchant – with NO validity or authenticity. Unscrupulous persons and companies have been known to pay random people to post all kinds of fake reviews and damaging comments about competitors’ products or services as a way of gaining market share. It is deplorable and disgusting.

Requitix makes all the difference in the “Reviews World”, using our Token of Trust and the Requitix Confidence System – We deliver 100% authentic reviews, recorded on the blockchain, making Requitix Reviews the trusted authority and authentic record of choice for both merchants and consumers in the modern ecommerce AND brick & mortar retail space.

RQX Tokens = Real Reviews

Anyone can read the reviews – but only transactions using the Requitix System, become trusted reviews.