Today we are connected to more friends, fans and followers in our lives than ever before
and yet we seem to have less human connection. Current social networks are a never
ending feed of advertisements, flame wars, fake news and low quality content, all designed
to trap our attention with distraction.

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People have hundreds and even thousands of friends on Facebook – some are school
friends, some colleagues, some from a sports team or a hobby group. The connection and
interaction each of us has with these different groups of friends is different: we speak
differently, using different lingo and etiquette. We share more or less with some than

No existing social network properly caters for the way in which human beings create long
lasting and high quality connections with other human beings.
With Peerity we are going to give users the first real alternative.

Our community based social network closely resembles the way in which people naturally
create connection with others. The Peerity platform is designed to encourage pro-social
behaviour online, and will facilitate offline events where more genuine interactions can be
fostered into friendships.

Peerity communities where people share interests and goals can create and organize
anything together, and easily gather funds from members or crowdfunding initiatives. We
don’t have anything against cat videos but we feel that cheap distraction is a poor substitute
for real human connection – the kind that brings happiness.

By utilizing the latest blockchain technology (Tendermint) and using cryptocurrency tokens,
Peerity entirely circumvents the economic need for exploiting user’s data to make our
platform work.

Peerity tokens, PEER, are created by users actively sharing, posting and creating valuable
content. Tokens are then distributed between the active pro-social members and the
platform, with the upkeep costs 100% transparent and self-sustaining.

The success of our network needs to come with the success of our users, not at their
expense” – Brenn Hill, CTO of Peerity.

Apart from revolutionizing the way social media works, at Peerity we want to engineer an
eco-system of community and commerce.

Our currency will reward our user’s activity so they can expect a real boost to their social
lives and the opportunity to start various professional or interest initiatives from
crowdfunding to e-commerce.

And that’s just the beginning. PEER holders will have a voice when it comes to the direction
of their communities, and the Peerity project itself, should they wish to use that voice,
introducing a truly democratic, self-governed environment online.

Use case example:

Imagine for a moment up and coming musician Pia. She’s got a small following of fans who
enjoy her music and like attending her gigs. On Peerity, she can create a community around
her music, where people can discuss her songs, gigs and news. Pia can set up an offline gig
on Peerity, sell tickets to her fans directly on the platform and even offer them incentives
and rewards for promoting her concerts and for spreading the word to grow her fan base.
Over time her community of fans grows, and her livelihood becomes more secure each time
she puts on a gig. All thanks to the pro-social, viral aspects of Peerity, powered by our

This single use case also applies to comedians, artists, and any other type of entertainer or
artist be they main stream or alternative, but there are hundreds of other use cases for the
Peerity eco-system.

Current Project State:

Right now, our platform has completed the architecture and proof-of- concept stages and
we are preparing for the launch of the invite-only Alpha test-net end of 2017, quickly
followed by a Beta phase in early 2018.

On Nov 1st, 2017 we will open a public pre-sale of Peerity tokens. This will be a small
crowdfunding round of 20million tokens at 20c each and the round will be open for 30 days
or until all tokens are sold whichever happens first.

On Feb 1st, 2018, we will begin our main crowd-sale round of token sales where we will
have 30 million tokens up for grabs at 30c each and 30 million tokens available for 40c each
depending on how early you get in.
With the money raised from the initial token sale, we intend to move our development

phase into Beta test, starting with a control group to make sure that the crypto economics
of the platform work as engineered. The 2 nd token sale round will fund our web services and
advanced features development as well as marketing for broader platform adoption.