The share market and Crypto exchanges have a real-world problem. While more and more people wants to take a part of the Crypto and share market, only few will get to benefit and make good profit out of it. It’s a much easier for institutions and brokers than for everyday people. Even big investment firms and brokers with the scale and financial ability, can’t always do it currently. And if the big guys can’t do it, you wonder how can you do it, how can you become part of this billions of dollars industry and even make income out of it.

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Payper who?

PayperEx-The world’s first alternative share market for Crypto and private companies based on blockchain technology. The concept ofֲ PayperExֲ is simple and revolves around your interests, enabling each one of you to be a part of the share market. Basically, the operations are the same as the stock exchange, but instead of stocks, you buy ”Paypers” which are the share-based units. PayperEx technology based on blockchain, the entire transaction process is secure transparent and does not favor any individual.

PayperEx network

Buy startups “ֲœPaypers”, Oh My.

Every startup needs some sort of funding for his business. Investing in startups was always reserved for Investment firms VC’s or private angels. One of many revolutionsֲ PayperExֲ brings to the market is listing of private companies and startups, you can Invest in companies that you will never had the chance to invest in, unless they are public traded and sometimes it is too little too late and you are missing the big move.

The Paypers

Paypers are shares based units, same as in stock exchange you buy Paypers that based on financial assets e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. There are two types of Paypers issued:”œBULL” and “BEAR”. A BULL Payper is predicting that the price of the underlying asset will rise, whereas a BEAR Payper is predicting that the price of the underlying asset will fall.

PAX token

The PAX is Token (Coin) issued in order to let the crowd participate in the project and to become members at the networkֲ. Each activity in the PayperEx network is performed using PAX, making the token an integral part of the network and the driver of its economy.

To simplify it, if you believe in this project and you want to invest in it buy PAX token during the token sale. The value of 1 PAX at the token sale period will be 0.00002 BTC (around $0.08) PAX will be issued only during the token sale, no further tokens will be generated.

When the token sale will end the PAX token will be traded at the network. unlike traditional investment that you get shares here you get the PAX token that will be liquid immediately. I think it is good investment and the value of 1 PAX will be $1 soon, this my opinion…

PayperEx token - PAX token

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Like all Exchanges PayperEx network will charge commissions for each transaction made at the network. BUT another advantage of PayperEx is the Unique Fee Sharing structure, portion of the fee taken for each transaction made will be paid back to the Paypers holders. you can Buy only 1Payper (with only 100 PAX) and get back 1000 PAX to your wallet, just from holding the Paypers.

Multi Cryptocurrencies Private wallet

PayperEx developed Multi Cryptocurrencies wallet that is a Crypto bank account. NO more different wallet for each currency, finally you can use one wallet for all different cryptocurrency (thank GOD), finally I can convert all my different tokens to PAX, all that happens on the fly.

PayperEx Team

Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Paypers

We can understand the advantages of buying Private companies or startups Paypers, but why the hell should you buy Bitcoin Paypers and not to hold regular bitcoin?

Three main advantages are:

1.Low entry price to buy Paypers — bitcoin Payper price will be issue at 0.00003 BTC, if you participate at the token sale you will have the option buy bitcoin Payper at 0.00002 BTC, that is 50% profit.

2.Profit from uptrend and downtrend -today you can profit only if the Bitcoin price rise, but what if it will fall? Or if you want to hedge your position? Buy Bitcoin bear Paypers!

3.Fee Sharing structure

Obviously, Bitcoin paypers not going to replace the Bitcoin, but it can defiantly give him a fight on the trading area, the upside can be much higher.