SHARE THE ARTICLE & SPREAD THE KNOWLEDGE:’s ICO is in progress, with the official crowdsale starting in just few days, on Halloween. But don’t get scared, get tokens instead!

ATTN: Snovio’s ICO is running, with the public tokensale starting on Halloween, October 31st. Visit the official website, or read through the whitepaper to learn more and participate in the tokensale.

10 Interesting Facts You Want to Know About ICO:

  1. is an active company with a working tool. It’s not a whitepaper-only project, or something in development – it’s a stable tool that’s getting more and more attention on the market!
  2. is a lead sourcing/generation platform with lead verification and emailing features – it allows to extract leads (emails and contacts) from websites, social networks and built-in database.
  3. has such companies among their clients (yes, active clients) as Uber, SoundCloud, Oracle, Lenovo, Ubisoft, Lego, UC San Diego, La Poste, NYU and more.
  4. More than 200 new users (most of them are B2B/Enterprise companies) are joining daily
  5. has a strong team of 13 specialists and 6 hands-on advisors.
  6. You can participate in the crowdsale starting with just $1
  7. 1 SNOV token costs just $0.01, so $100 gets you 10,000 SNOV tokens.
  8. TokenSale ends on November 30th, or with reaching the hard cap of $15M
  9.’s ICO is covered by a Starta Capital as an escrow agent.
  10. You definitely don’t want to miss this ICO!