NITRO – First Cryptocurrency Backed by a Public Listed Company and supported by an existing Award-Winning Video-Game Business.

NITRO – an online cryptocurrency project to solve ecosystem problems of the video games industry and is the first cryptocurrency project in the world backed by a publicly listed company (independently verified by NITRO, is founded by the founders and management of iCandy Interactive Limited (“iCandy Interactive”), a Southeast Asia’s leading mobile entertainment group listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). NITRO involves the creation of a Ethereum based cryptocurrency called NITRO Token or NOX and an integrated marketplace called NITRO Marketplace.

ATTN: NITRO ICO starts on 15th of November. Visit the official website or read through the whitepaper to learn more about the project and participate in the token sale.


NITRO is an online blockchain based cryptocurrency project designed to provide a holistic approach to solve end-to-end ecosystem problems of the video-games industry. The Project seeks to integrate all stakeholders of the US$100 billion video-game industry onto a single platform. NITRO involves the creation of NITRO Token or NOX and an integrated online marketplace called NITRO Marketplace. NOX is developed on the Ethereum network. NITRO is the first cryptocurrency project backed by a publicly listed company – iCandy Interactive Limited, a Southeast Asian mobile entertainment group listed on the Australia Securities Exchange (ASX).

Unique Proposition – backed by existing award-winning business

NITRO has a compelling and unique proposition compared to many new emerging cryptocurrencies which are often just concepts and prototypes with no existing business or business track records. In contrast NITRO is backed by iCandy Interactive, which is an existing award-winning game business with many prominent institutional shareholders. iCandy has been in the business of developing and publishing games for more than 6 years and it has an existing community of more than 23 million smartphone users. NITRO Token will be introduced into games developed and published by iCandy, potentially setting it up for early adoption within the 23-million strong gamers community on day one. This proposition significantly reduces the risk of business plan execution of NITRO, compared to other cryptocurrency projects.

Holistic Approach to Solving Problems of Ecosystem

The video-game industry is a US$100 billion industry annually and the nature of the industry is prone to disruption by cryptocurrency technology. There are a quite a few video-game related cryptocurrency projects that had garnered interest of the cryptocurrency community globally. However, NITRO is among the most credible and most extensive cryptocurrency for the video-game industry to date.

NITRO seeks a holistic, end-to-end approach to solve the complex challenges of the video-game ecosystem with the blockchain technology. In its current form, NITRO has considered the interests of all stakeholders of the video-game industry, from gamers, game studios, publishers to financiers.

One of the key features of NITRO is that gamers or laymen can easily become holders of NITRO token to participate in the booming video-game economy. This is democratising the participation of the video games economy as up until now it is almost impossible for an average person to participate and benefit from the video games economy. Gamers will be able to use one cryptocurrency in all games on NITRO Marketplace for in-game purchases, get incentive in engagement, participate in the game development process and ultimately get rewards from the industry economy as token holders. Publishers and game studios will get marketing access to the audience of gamers through an efficient and transparent manner.

Backed by Prominent VCs , Internet Unicorn and Developers Network

Last but not least, Nitro is backed by ASX-listed iCandy Interactive Ltd, which has prominent shareholders that include VC funds from Singapore: Fatfish Internet Fund and Incubatefund. iCandy’s other shareholders also include Internet conglomerate giant Baidu (USD60 billion market cap Chinese Internet company) and the Global Mobile Developer Confederation (GMGC), one of the most influential games developer network of China. The  Nitro economy is conceived and built by those with very successful business track records in the tech industry. These track records will translate into know-how that is invaluable in building a sustainable  sustainable  economic model that will benefit token-holders.