Players’ desire to somehow earn money while playing is nothing new. Real money trading in games has always been illegal or at least strongly discouraged by most game developers, especially in MMORPGs.

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Coincidentally, it’s in MMORPG where real money trading is most common, since those games always have virtual economies in which game “gold” and other resources have some real value. Real money trading can be a big deal,
with the most expensive known purchase being for $6 mln in a game called Entropia Universe!

Lordmancer II is a MMORPG for mobile phones and tablets running Android and iOS made after HoMM and King’s Bounty. The game is already soft launched in Russia on Android. The developers are planning to launch Lordmancer II globally in 2018.

Lordmancer II seeks to legalize typically “illegal” market for game items by introducing a cryptocurrency token as a second “hard currency” named Lord Coin (LC). The most rare and precious weapons and items will be available for purchase only for LC.

Lordmancer II encourages its players to “farm” rare and valuable weapons and artifacts in the game and sell them to other players, earning LCs in the process. Those LCs they will subsequently sell for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum at a crypto exchange. Also, players will be encouraged to “cultivate” characters for sale.

To make the whole system less complicated for those not familiar with cryptocurrencies, Lordmancer II will offer ways of purchasing LordCoins directly for fiat money, inside and outside of the game. This way, rich players (“whales”) ready to spend a lot on game items will have a convenient way to purchase rare items, while those players willing to earn some money willhave an opportunity to do it without violating game policy, in an open, fair,
supported and transparent way.

With each trade made with LCs, the game will burn a fraction of the tokens involved. This will result in ever decreasing amount of LCs being available on the market, which in turn will push the price of remaining LCs ever higher.