Hey guys! StartupRadius interviewed Boosteroid – a cloud platform that grants access to an extremely affordable computing power, storages and even software products (tools, apps and games). Learn how they will change they way cloud computing is used, what they offer to both their clients and ICO investors, and how you can benefit from investing in the real top-tech product. Enjoy!

ATTN: Boosteroid’s ICO is live and running. Visit the official website or read through the whitepaper to learn more and participate in the token sale!

Can you tell us about what you are working on? What is Boosteroid?

Boosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storages and software products.

Cloud computer will allow to process video, create 3D-graphics, play games requiring high computer performance or carry out machine learning even on the device with the lowest performance. The only thing that user needs is a stable connection to the high-speed Internet.

It will be possible to access computing power both via browser and a desktop app that will have a single account on mobile devices and PCs.

Users will be able to choose programs they need and launch them immediately: the system will choose necessary computing power. Advanced users will be able to change the settings of their cloud computer themselves.

The user-interface of this cloud desktop will be similar to iPad. There will be icons of different programs. You will basically see the same home screen when you launch Boosteroid on any device. It will remain the same as you left it at the end of your previous session. Accounts will immediately synchronize on mobile devices and PC.

Why are you building this? Was there a particular source of inspiration or just a profitable idea?

The name of our project – Boosteroid – comes from two words: “boost” and “roid”, which means “increase speed” or “speed up”. Our project will definitely advance and speed up world’s development. How are we going to do that? We will provide computing facilities that will allow to solve problems that used to be impassable obstacles.

AI-researches, machine learning development, creation of new materials and medicine, modelling of complex machines, like cars or jet engines — all these activities require a lot of computing power.

The idea itself came from the everyday life. We were engaged in cryptocurrency mining and rented out our computing facilities to AI-specialists. Back then we first came up with the idea – why don’t we provide this service for everybody.

Who are your main competitors, and how good/bad they are?

Our main competitors are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM. We tried these services and realized that we can do a better job.

Currently it is rather difficult to rent computing power provided by market leaders. You should learn many instructions and watch and number of video guides. Besides, these services have user-interfaces that are as “easy” as, for example, MS-DOS. We decided to reach the iPad-level – make it clear and convenient.

The main advantage of the service is that, unlike our competitors, Boosteroid will have a user-friendly interface. It will be so easy to use the service that even a child will be able to deal with it. Users won’t need to learn a number of instructions. Moreover the service will be multifunctional. Users will have an opportunity not only to work with big amount of data, render video, play high-performance computer games etc.

Who will be using Boosteroid once it’s ready? What is your perfect buyer persona?

The service will be useful for a number of users that need,computing power. These can be designers who are engaged in 3D modeling, scientists who do not have their own supercomputers, enthusiasts who are looking for extraterrestrial life, gamers etc. Everybody who values time and prefers comfort.

Boosteroid team - Boosteroid ICO

What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

The biggest challenge was that there were thousands of other projects running their ICO at the same time when we did. So we actually had two main tasks: to make public know about our project and make It attractive for a large number of investors. In the first case we had to show how are we different from our competitors and in the second — to prove that the project is really promising.

How is your BTR token implemented in the Boosteroid platform?

It will be possible to use tokens to pay for cloud computing rent, when the service is launched.

What user base do you expect in half a year after the launch, or in a year, let’s say?

We expect that within one or two years Boosteroid will have at least one million users.

How do you plan to spend money earned with the ICO? Will you put everything in product & marketing, or do you also plan to financially support your token with money earned?

We will use funds attracted during the ICO to scale our computing facilities, for purchase and setup of the equipment, creation of the service and marketing.

Boosteroid computer power - BTR token coin

What are the most important steps Boosteroid will take once ICO is ready? Development steps, exchanges, anything else important?

The after the ICO we will continue to expand our computing facilities so that as many users as possible will have an opportunity to enjoy our service. We have already launched a data centre in Ukraine in January, 2018 and we have already started building a data centre in Georgia. In February we also plan to build a data center in the Arab Emirates and further expand our facilities.

How do you see a market of cloud computing in next few years?

The expenses of the cloud computing market reached 250 billion dollars in 2017. Currently it is expanding so rapidly that it is really difficult to predict how big is it going to be in the nearest future. However, a number of leading analytics companies reveal the same tendencies: by 2020 deals related to cloud technologies will have a 50% share of IT-outsourcing in the world.

What is extremely important to know about the Boosteroid if I’m a potential early investor? Cheer us up, or give an advice!

When you invest in BTR token you not only join the creation of a promising project but also get a currency backed by a real service that is already interesting for thousands of traders all around the world.

You will be able to pay for computing power rent with BTR tokens on more favorable terms or trade them at cryptocurrency exchanges and gain profit. Today the minimum cost of one hour rent of computing power is $6,5 to $10,5. We offer the same service only for $1.88.

You can join our ICO and find out more about the project here –