Dentacoin is the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry – an industry which spends 440 billion dollars every year on dental treatment. Around 90% of these expenses can be prevented through efficiency. Dentacoin’s unique business model uses the natural shape and state of the existing industry and introduces efficiencies on specific problems.

ATTN: First Dentacoin’s tokensale ends soon! Don’t miss the chance to learn more and participate at the official website. 1 ETH buys 2 500 000 DCN (2.5 million Dentacoin). Here you can also download the Whitepaper.

The mission of Dentacoin is to improve access to quality dental care and make it accessible for everyone. Through developing and implementing a number of Blockchain-based tools*, introducing 2 innovative dental clinic concepts** and the creation of a custom token*** which serves all products, Dentacoin sets the road to a revolution for the entire dental industry.

Since its Presale in July, Dentacoin already increased its value multiple times, so there are good chances that this process will be repeated on a higher scale after the ICO thanks to the large number of people using the token. According to serious calculations in the Whitepaper, the fundamental price of Dentacoin is over 3700% higher than the offered ICO price. After the ICO the real-life value of the Dentacoin tools is expected to increase the market price.

Dentacoin was introduced in February 2017 and for the short time until now:

  • Distributed over 303 billion coins through presale, bounty programs and first (already
    operating) tool – Trusted Review Platform;
  • Maintains rank in the top 100 cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap;
    Bought a company, entirely paid for with DCN;
  • Reported success in a newly-developed “proof-of- concept” dental clinic with Blockchain
    integrated functionalities;
  • Developed and launched its pilot tool – Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform (with more than
    4000 users and 400 dental practices registered);
  • Was implemented as means of payment at partner dental clinics in Europe;
  • Was listed for trading on several international exchange platform;
  • Gathered a community of over 50 000 people globally.

During October 2017, Dentacoin is having an ICO, which has already sold out it’s soft cap. The Dentacoin ICO price is exceptionally low. Too much can be made about the price of a cryptocurrency at the Initial Coin Offering, but the ability to purchase a very large number of Dentacoin with a very small initial commitment is an important consideration. Dentacoin is engineered with a large number of coins to facilitate global acceptance as a currency, therefore a very low initial price allows everyone to join.

The entire Dentacoin supply is pre-mined, distributed and locked in timelock smart contracts with annual distribution mechanism, where a small percentage of the total amount will be unlocked each year to match the increasing demand on Dentacoin. This distribution is planned until the year 2042, which ensures a balance between supply and growing demand of the coin.

*Trusted Review Platform, DentaCare mobile app for aftercare, DentaVox webapp for collective
customer intelligence, Dentacoin Assurance dental insurance model, Trading Platform and
HealthCare Database.

**F3T Clinic and City Clinic Concepts, developed as pilot-clinic- concepts, Blockchain-integrated,
highly efficient, as future models for the global dental industry.

***Dentacoin ERC20 token is already traded on international exchange platforms and has a market
price exceeding the fundamental price.