The project developing the world’s first decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising deployed it’s prototype, has signed contracts with the most influential players of the blockchain market, and has been successfully verified its token smart contract by the leading company in the field of smart contract auditing.

Papyrus is developing the world’s first decentralized and highly scalable ecosystem for digital advertising capable of processing billions of ad views on a daily basis. This comprehensive system will bring together users, publishers, advertisers, and developers of decentralized applications (dApps) in an efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment. The project right now in a process of the first round of its token sale.

ATTN: Papyrus’s token sale is live! Visit the official website, or read through the whitepaper to learn more and join the first round of token sale.

The project has completed the working prototype, successfully deployed it and starts the first real integrations in the advertising market.

The purpose of Papyrus is to solve all the main problems of the digital advertising market: the frustration of users with irrelevant content and their behaviour being covertly spied upon; long non-transparent supply chains between advertisers and publishers; huge anti-fraud expenses and poor targeting.

The uniqueness of Papyrus’s approach is that it will create the conditions in which advertisers will be much better protected from fraud traffic and will get much higher results for the same amount of money. Economic benefits would amount to billions of dollars globally, and the internet will become comfortable for users because there will be no malicious and fraudulent advertising anymore.

During its Token Sale Papyrus is planning to raise investments that will help bootstrap the Papyrus prototype ecosystem, start pilot integrations with partners, including anti-fraud vendors, publishers, SSPs, and DSPs, and accelerate the development of a Papyrus expert community.

Currently the Papyrus project has no analogue. Integrating blockchain technologies into advertising entails overcoming various technological barriers such as blockchain scalability. Papyrus is the first project that has developed a technological architecture allowing to fix these problems. Papyrus offers decentralized real-time bidding (dRTB) protocol that is capable of handling vast amounts of simultaneous ad impressions and ad payments in real-time with built-in antifraud architecture that can be easily integrated into existing programmatic ad infrastructure.

The scalability and open architecture of Papyrus represents a truly global, decentralized platform open to all developers of new ad tech solutions for continuous improvement and evolution based on fair competition and transparency. Papyrus consists of four layers of architecture with the components of each layer developed as open source software. It employs blockchain-based identification and reputation management tools for ecosystem participants, as well as a dRTB protocol that will support dApps and instantaneous ad payments. This framework combines decentralization, capacity and speed.