Gizer team is excited to announce that David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital and well-known Blockchain thought leader, has joined the Gizer Token Sale advisory board.

ATTN: Gizer is the global gaming network with the pre-sale starting in November. See the official website or download the whitepaper to learn more!

As the GZR Token continues to gain momentum, and the community of supporters continues to grow, the team is shifting a focus to rounding out Gizer’s advisory board. Gizer’s token sale advisory board will continue to tap industry giants from all realms of blockchain, finance, media, and gaming innovation, as they finalize an advisory board perfectly suited to helping them achieve a vision of creating a truly revolutionary ‘Global Gaming Network’.

David Drake Gizer ICOLeveraging his experience at the forefront of digital asset management and blockchain evolution, having advised on projects such as LAToken and Ambrosus, David’s guidance will allow the Gizer’s team to focus on the development and rollout of GZR Token. With over 25 years of experience in finance and asset management, LDJ Capital’s extended network of funds and hedge funds manages 1.5 trillion USD in assets. David’s vast knowledge of the digital asset class, broad network, and sterling reputation make him a perfect fit to lead Gizer’s top-tier advisory board.

David has spent years serving as a bridge between capital and premiere brands, leading LDJ Capital Special Situation’s investments in Alibaba and Palantir, and organizing over 1100 industry-leading events sponsored by NYSE, KKR, and the Carlyle Group, to name a few. The natural alignment between David’s ability to leverage both capital and high-level strategic guidance, and Gizer’s vision for a global gaming network, makes the timing of the partnership even more exciting, as Gizer’s team continue to prepare for the November presale.

Gizer gaming platform features

Gizer is proud to welcome David to the team, his presence as an advisor will ensure that they receive the highest-level guidance when developing a platform and token that connects the entire gaming community!