As an absolute winner of Moonrise 2017 competition, BitDegree reinforced its fast-growing reputation as a game changer within the crypto community.

ATTN: BitDegree’s ICO is live and running! Visit the official website or go through the whitepaper to learn more and participate in the token sale.

Moonrise is held by Moontec, the biggest blockchain conference in Northern Europe, with the objectives –  to reveal the most promising and innovative crypto startups and connect them with a global network that gives them the necessary financial and business support to succeed.

BitDegree ICO Wins Moontec Grand Prize

BitDegree’s world-changing idea of bringing blockchain into education and its incentivized token-based learning model of giving its students the chance to “earn while they learn” inspired the Moonrise jury of blockchain investors and experts to such an extent, that they visioneered it as highly promising approach of the future and elected it as the key for BitDegree to win Moonrise 2017 ahead of 10 other promising blockchain-based startups of the next decade.

Regarding BitDegree’s Moonrise 2017 victory, Andrius Putna, CEO af Bitdegree said: “Winning Moonrise 2017 is an astonishing achievement and motivational boost not only for us but for the whole crypto community. Victory throws us an extra challenges to work even harder towards achieving our goal of revolutionizing an education via blockchain globally. The eyes of the entire blockchain community and other potential partners are now 100 percent upon us.

BitDegree mission and potential to completely rebuild education has attracted the attention of internationally-experienced experts from the fields of education, tech, gamification and blockchain. Electronic Arts co-founder, Jeff Burton; former Coursera senior manager, Roberto Santana; founder of  Steve JobsSchool, Maurice de Hond; CEO of Hostinger, Arnas Stuopelis; Stanford PhD and gamification expert, Dr. James K. Scarborough, plus founder Oleg Belousov, joined together to build world’s first blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition.

BitDegree is actively getting traction and already globally-recognized by blockchain and tech companies like Zcoin, SingularityNET, and Nexchange with the mutually beneficial agreements to develop online courses related to cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and smart contracts.

BitDegree started its BDG token crowdsale on December 1st 2017, and met its soft-cap within a few hours of the event being announced to the public. Until December 29th, 2017, contributors still have a chance to join BitDegree via limited supply token crowdsale with the starting bonus of 15%.