A few weeks ago BitBoost released to selected testers a private beta version of The Block, a marketplace for e-commerce built over the Ethereum blockchain. This first version was deployed to test main features, such as listing, selling, buying, sending and receiving funds and tokens in the built-in wallet, searching, and messaging between users.

ATTN: BitBoost’s token sale is live and ending soon! Visit the official website or learn more and participate in the token sale.

During the past three weeks the developing team has been carefully taking note of all the bugs and suggestions reported by the first group of beta testers. Many testers praised the job done, but they also pointed to some issues to be solved. Most issues were related to the listing feature, which lacked the ease and speed displayed by other features. Minor localization, UI and code bugs were also commented on through email and social channels.

With this highly valuable feedback, BitBoost developers have been working to ship a stronger and more stable open beta. Beta version is already available for the download HERE.

This new beta includes, as the previous one, the following features:

1. Listing.
2. Payments.
3. Messaging.
4. Searching.
5. Wallet functionalities.
6. Some basic UI options.

Previously, The Block was tested over the Ropsten testnet. This network lacked the computational power to smoothly run the app, since few nodes were working, and always at a very slow pace. Because of that, this new version of the app will be tested on a private network created by BitBoost. But, do not forget – do not use your real ETH! Use only test ETH (ether) during this beta test period or you will lose real money. When downloading the app you will receive clear instructions regarding ETH, tokens (BBT), and payments within the app, together with further info for beta testers.

Until this moment we have been a small project working on a product for over two years. Right now, we are starting to raise our voice within the crypto community, and even beyond, inviting people to join our community of beta testers and first users, to help create a decentralized network for e-commerce. This open beta is a cornerstone for our project, to redefine e-commerce through the blockchain, and we hope that people will appreciate it, supporting our project during the coming years.” Paul Mahone, BitBoost´s CEO, says.

This open beta testing period, starting today, will be run just for desktop apps: macOS, Windows, and Linux. A web browser alpha version will come very soon, and BitBoost expects to start developing the iOS and Android versions at the end of this year, once the already running token sale round is finished. For further info about next steps, please check BitBoost´s roadmap on the website.