An innovative blockchain company known as BEEQB has recently launched its much anticipated token sale.

The month long ICO hopes to raise enough funds to bring to life a sustainable, global ecosystem for the ever evolving crypto industry.

ATTN: The BEEQB’s ICO is live and running! Visit the official website, or go through the whitepaper to learn more and participate in the token sale.

The London based startup headed by founder Sergey Glukhota – Technologist and Business advocate – has a strong vision. To create an environment which integrates cryptosystems into real-world applications at the touch of a button.

The plan is to develop a crypto currency for business, which will be worthy of competition bitcoin and a three tiered platform (already in beta) which will host the following; a business managment system, inter-corporate communication services and a point of sale system (POS) for ‘brick-and-mortar’ businesses to accept cryptocurrencies.

Important: please turn on English subtitles in video settings!

The software will enable users and merchants the ability to quickly and securely buy and sell products or services in exchange for cryptocurrencies – providing a solution for the current methods with slow user experiences, risk of miscalculations, loss on conversions, failed transactions and connectivity issues.

“I dream that every company in the world – a large corporation or a small souvenir shop – could legally accept cryptocurrency for payment in a simple, quick and non-wasteful way. I sincerely believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of the world economy. However, despite their popularity on the market, there are no solutions that make settlements in cryptocurrencies legal and convenient for both businesses and clients. This problem has lead me to create BEEQB .” – Sergey Glukhota CEO

Sergey’s ideal is an ambitious one, but one many would agree is something we should embrace in order to push towards innovation in the global economy.

Since incorporation, BEEQB have been steadily growing a loyal base of customers, a blossoming social media community and over 140 companies who are already testing the system.

BEEQB clients - company logos

Before development of BEEQB began, Sergey and his CSO Aleksander Yankovskiy spent over 17 years working with countless businesses, developing methods and tactics to improve operations using science-backed techniques.