DisLedger is a non-blockchain, distributed ledger technology designed for high-volume transaction processing such as payments and capital markets clearing. DisLedger’s patent pending Distributed Concurrence Ledger technology provides a solution for permissioned networks that handle high volumes of transactions, require low-latency, and must maintain data privacy.

ATTN: Tokensale ends 31 of October, 2017. Visit the official website, go through a live demo of running more than 4000 transactions per second, or download the whitepaper to learn more!

DisLedger creates a private ledger between the counterparties to a trade. DisLedger doesn’t mix every company’s transactions into one common chain, but keeps each counterparty’s transaction in its own distributed ledger called a Counterparty Ledger. This way DisLedger provides the cryptographic benefits of blockchain but also maintains complete privacy of all transactions; allows for net or gross settlement; processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second; and does not suffer from latency issues.

DisLedger features

The company has worked with some of the largest technology providers, Fortune 500 companies, and financial institutions in the world to deploy the DCL architecture, including MasterCard, SAP and Intel.

7 facts you definitely want to know about DisLedger:

  1. DisLedger is a patent-pending, non-blockchain Distribute Ledger Technology focused on enterprise customers like Mastercard, Intel and SAP;
  2. DisLedger processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second… incredibly fast compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.;
  3. It is completely private, no one else ever sees the data which makes it perfect for our enterprise customers;
  4. The tokensale is legally-compliant. It’s an intellectual property license token, not an illegal coin being promoted improperly;
  5. The DCL token is not a security so anyone can purchase it legally;
  6. The token sale has been advised by a large securities law firm, and the SEC has been briefed about it;
  7. The toke is deeply discounted to attract participants during this month’s sale