They make wonderful applications for special people. They get pumped up by strong coffee, popcorn and ice-cream, but they thrive on sharing bright ideas and entrepreneurial spirit in one of the most exciting startup incubators in Manhattan. They are Fueled.

Located on the top floor of the sunny Prince Building on 568 Broadway, the Fueled Collective is an 18,000 sq. ft. business incubator that packs in over 35 tech startups and 140 entrepreneurs.This is how a charismatic New York startup company looks like on the threshold of a five-year anniversary. While it is challenging to surpass their impressive business results, it is really the charm of the community that breaks the bank. It oozes style, confidence and trust that is fit for casual meetings, as well as for those special occasions when you really want to land a knockout deal.   

If you are thinking of sharing a coworking space in the heart of New York, Fueled Collective will welcome your startup business with more than a zing of industrial vibe. When you get to share a spacious leather couch or hold a meeting in one of the nine library-style conference rooms, feeling the authority of a 19th-century English gentleman is the least you will get.

More than an Office

There are special perks that come with the communal membership in this ingenious startup community. The open lunch bar and the super-wide desks are suave for the rush of ideas when you are launching your new application. For event planning, half of the job is already done by the thrilling view of the Manhattan skyline. People travel to New York to enjoy this rush of energy. Here, you get to breathe it.

Non-members can also rent the rooms per hour or per day, although, having in mind the infectious and the driven atmosphere, they probably leave the communal space with just a bit of envy and a yearning to come back and repeat the presentation or the workshop.

Startup Launch Party in the Center of the World

How come can 140 entrepreneurs function like a well-oiled machine in this dynamic coworking community? The food, the coffee and the snacks are for everyone to share. The WiFi is fast. Along with the rest amenities, you get a full-house service with a kitchen, dressing rooms and a bike rack. So, tech superstars can focus only on their latest invention as all of the other basic needs are well taken care of in the shared space.

Fueled’s convenient event space location is ideal to take off to Soho’s hip nightclubs later in the day. Neighbors are awesome, food is delicious and dogs are welcome. Yes, dogs are not people. But, this a fact in favor of the canines when you have stared at your laptop screen and dealt with peculiar entrepreneurial personas for more than ten hours.   

If you are still wondering whether you should get in touch with this lively community, check out their Facebook page for a photo hint of Manhattan sunsets at the end of the business day. It is as good as it gets.