Hey guys! StartupRadius interviewed Dan Taylor, CEO of EventsFrame – a ticketing platform with rich attendee management features. Founders of EventsFrame launched their platform less than a year ago to compete with such a “giant” as Eventbrite. The idea was to create a less expensive ticketing platform while keeping all the advanced features. This resulted in a success – EventsFrame went from 0 to 3000 clients in half a year!

Learn why product really matters, how EventsFrame boosted their client acquisition with AppSumo, why it’s important to pick one marketing method and stick with it for at least 3 months, and how podcasts help them grow. Get answers to these and more questions below. Enjoy!

Can you tell us about what you are working on? What is EventsFrame?

EventsFrame is a ticketing and attendee management system for anyone running events. It’s simple to use for both organizers and attendees with no ticket fees, just one low monthly payment.

We have the best discount options out there for tickets, and customers can use our landing page builder or embed tickets into their site, plus many other features like ‘QR code check in’ and the ability to export all attendee data to a spreadsheet.

Why are you building this? Was there a particular source of inspiration or money-making idea?

We also run an events company AppsEvents where we run over 300 events a year globally! We came up with the idea for EventsFrame during our seemingly endless search for an amazing events ‘registration and management’ system. in the beginning, like everybody, we used Eventbrite, but quickly found their pricing prohibitive and lacking a management console for companies like us running multiple events… so we went on the quest for an alternative.

We started evaluating systems and in the end decided we should build the a system ourselves then sell it to other event organisers facing similar problems of not having an amazing and low priced system to run their ticketing.

EventsFrame - ticketing and attendee management system

Time for bragging! How big you are – traffic, users, anything else?

Since our launch at the start of 2018 we now have over 3000 businesses running events on EventsFrame so we’re really pleased with the growth. Our target is over 10,000 by the end of 2018.

In terms of attendees who’ve used EventsFrame to buy a ticket for an event and used our mobile check in etc it’s over half a million already.

Who are your main competitors, and how good/bad they are?

There are a lot of ticketing systems and of course the biggest by far is Eventbrite, and their success has been a huge inspiration for us. The issue is they charge 3%+ of ticket price which works out prohibitively expensive for many events companies, which is why we went for flat low pricing. Unfortunately most companies copy Eventbrites pricing model which gave us an opportunity to pioneer the flat pricing model.

There are other competitors such as Bizzabo and EventsCase who make ‘all in one’ event systems and their model is not to publish pricing and negotiate with customers based on their volume. This generally works out at something like Eventbrites price for customers as everyone bases what they can charge from Eventbrite. Again we wanted to keep our price way below these systems while still providing the best core ticketing functionality.

Who uses EventsFrame? What is your perfect buyer persona?

It’s a full range of event organisers and we haven’t focussed n specifically on one segment yet, so it’s literally anyone running an ‘in person’ event or ‘online’ event. On the lower end we have people running meetups for their community with 10, 20 people and on the top end we have companies running multiple conferences and exhibitions with 3000+ attendees. We made it from day 1 to allow companies to grow and manage multiple events while staying on EventsFrame so as we can continue to support them as their business booms.

EventsFrame features


Were there any early ‘growth hacks’ or tactics that have contributed to your current success?

We did an AppSumo launch! It was a lot of work but we got a lot of great users on our system early. When you do this you are making a trade off as you are giving AppSumo users a fixed lifetime price for your system but on the other hand it really accelerates your product roadmap

Also as I mentioned above we were our own first customer so we knew exactly what features we were missing in the competition which gave us a huge growth hack to focus on the most important features.

What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

We wanted to have all the major payment methods live from day 1, so PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Bank Transfer, and this led to a huge development effort and we could have launchd quicker with just PayPal. It was a similar story with making our system work really well for multiple event producers. If we’d gone for a simple one event system we could have launched three months earlier.

If you could give a marketing advice to other companies, what could it be based on your experience?

You have to pick one marketing strategy and really push it, in my opinion you need to stick with it for about three months to see if it works. Only then should you evaluate and either double down on it or change tack and start another one. I think too many companies try to do everything at once and end up doing nothing well.

Also focus on your content marketing effort. I run an events podcast at The Events Podcast.

and also write a lot or articles. It was multiple hours of work week in week out for no return and limited engagement but now after close to a year it’s starting to really produce results.

Which marketing channels you prefer and why?

We are still developing our marketing strategy but right now it’s referrals from satisfied customers ‘old school’ outreach to potential customers. Events is a fairly old school face to face industry so we’ll be attending conferences and meeting people too.

Why did you choose the current monetization method?

As mentioned above we run an events company and we just couldn’t handle the pricing from all the other companies so we build our own system with flat, fair and low pricing.

EventsFrame - no ticket fees

What are the top 5-10 products/services you use in your company (marketing, development, business) and why do you like them?

  • G Suite (Gmail, Drive, Calendar) – for communication and planning
  • HelpScout – for customer support
  • Intercom – for live chat on the website
  • Profitwell – for analysis of our metrics
  • Google Analytics – for web analytics and tracking
  • Google Data Studio – for better reports
  • Notion – for tracking our development
  • Braintree – as our payment gateway